Local Trainers

List of local NVC trainers and facilitators.

pcohenPeter Cohen
CNVC Certified Trainer, Founder ncnvc.org
Nevada City, California
(530) 692-0100

Facilitating practice groups, mediation and conflict resolution, workshops and trainings, private practice sessions.
Additional offerings: Inner Relationship Focusing, Shame healing.

I strive to nurture compassionate connection. That means acquiring and providing tools for resolving conflicts, both inner and outer, for listening and being heard, for opening hearts and minds and being more intelligent with resources. My practice includes guidance for navigating recurring obstacles, returning to balance, and maintaining a rejuvenated and integrated self. I invite inner understanding through focused listening and sensing, facilitate solutions that grow from empowered choice, and help foster win-win relationships for mutual well-being. I support clients and workshop participants in mastering their innate capacity for empathy, wisdom, and health.


ayaAya Caspi
CNVC Certified Trainer
Grass Valley, California

After working for 14 years with business and social leaders in Israel, I met NVC at the end of 2007 when I moved to California with my family. I was immediately struck by the practicality and power that NVC holds in bringing people together in real collaboration and partnership, transforming separation into connection and conflict into mutual understanding. This magic is made possible through applying both compassionate and honest ways of speaking and listening, to self and others.It is my passion and privilege to seek and pursue peace in the world by sharing this work in all contexts of human life.
More at cnvc.org…


robyn-web-smRobyn Caywood
CNVC Certified Trainer
Grass Valley, California

Robyn Caywood, an independent facilitator and certified trainer with the Center for NonViolent Communication specializes in empowering whole family systems by supporting couples, children, parents and educators. Robyn also has experience sharing NVC and facilitating meetings in hospitals, schools, and organizations; as well as offering mediation and restorative circles. Robyn’s background in cultural studies, non-profits, peace work and her commitment to parenting compassionately led her to NonViolent Communication (NVC) in 2008.


terriTerri Harmon, MA
Nevada County, California
(530) 913-6003

Terri has had a life long interest in communication, and finding solutions that work for everyone. She found NonViolent Communication (NVC) to be a powerful model for clear and compassionate communication, as well as for transforming relationships. Terri incorporates NVC, as well as concepts and tools from other resources, in her teaching, coaching, and facilitation. She has been providing mediation and conflict resolution services, offering client support to individuals and groups, and teaching Living Compassion classes in Nevada County since 2002.


lorenLoren Swift, MS
CNVC Certified Trainer
PO Box 1674
Cedar Ridge, CA 95924
(530) 263-0197

Loren offers personal, couple, family and group facilitation that goes to the heart of connection and mutual understanding. This streamlined method offers heartfelt, inspired opportunities to shift into clarity, caring and empowerment. Inevitably hearts open, insights happen, and solutions arise that work for all parties involved. It is an insightful, transformational and completely practical way to transform pain, judgment and blame and invite creative insights, open hearts and collaboration based on the premises of Nonviolent Communication.